eBay Trading Assistant

We are “Internet Trading Assistants” and Certified Trading Assistants on eBay* + eBay Power Seller.

We can sell your things for you

1. We collect your items
2. We sell them on eBay
3. We send you the money

Are you a shop owner and want to increase your sales?

Do you want to clear out your storeroom and earn some money?

Don’t worry, we can sell for you on the Internet and we will transform your sale into something special. Take advantage of a new market without big investments and without big risks (*).

The above mentioned service is only for resident customers in the Marina Alta district and surrounding (Alicante  / Valencia – Spain) and  only for items from a value of 300 Euro and up.

ZONA CARPE DIEM is an online shop that helps individuals and businesses to sell or purchase new or second-hand items on the Internet, using main e-Commerce platforms such as eBay.

We let you access one of the biggest markets in the world that is open 24 hours a day without investment or risks, taking your products to new buyers.

As quality trading assistants, we offer you the possibility of us selling your items for you.

Selling your items can be an easy and fun activity. But if you don’t have the necessary time or expertise to do so, we can help, we are certified e-Bay Trading Assistants.

A Trading Assistant is an experienced seller on e-Bay that helps other people to sell their items on e-Bay.

We are able to manage all aspects of selling on e-Bay for you.

We will photograph the item you wish to sell, we will prepare the listing, include it in the auction, answer any questions from possible buyers, take care of the payment, package the item, send it off, and send you the money obtained.

We can offer you our experience to advise you about which items will be easier to sell on e-Bay and which methods of sale will bring you a higher price. We know how to position the listings in a way that they will receive the most visits. Our more than 3000 positive feedbacks provides a high reliability for buyers, so possibilities to get the highest price for your items are increased.

We understand that you want to gain a good profit and not have to pay excessive fees to sell off these items. We also understand your need for trust when entrusting the sale of your items to others. Because of these reasons and more, Zona Carpe Diem is the ideal place to bring your items and put them on auction. We are certified Trading Assistants, the only ones in the whole district of Marina Alta and one of the few in the provinces of Alicante and Valencia.

If you are an individual we offer you the possibility of:

  • Earning some extra money by selling objects that you don’t use anymore or that are no longer of any use to you.
  • Posting a listing for rental/sale of houses and apartments without many international/national expenses.

If you are a business, we offer you the possibility of:

  • Getting rid of those end-of-season or end-of-series products
  • Getting rid of products with small imperfections / obsolete products / returns
  • Using this new channel to increase your sales gaining new clients
  • Posting adverts for rental/sale of houses and apartments without many international/national expenses.

How it works:

We take care of the whole selling process; you only have to wait for your money.

For sales, we mainly use eBay, which is the busiest market, and the one with the largest base of registered members in the world, without excluding other e-Commerce platforms.

These markets have been tested for their safety and reliability.

We take care of:

  • Analysis of the product / inventory
  • Investigation (market study) and research on Internet
  • Advice on starting price and type of auction
  • Collection / Delivery at your address
  • Photos, description and publication of listings on the e-Commerce platform through our shop
  • We send the seller the link to his listings so that he can monitor his sale at all times
  • We answer e-mails and calls from interested buyers
  • Invoices and charging
  • Packaging, shipping and package delivery
  • Notification to the seller (final contact)
  • Transfer of amount of profit

We can sell everything that the e-Commerce platforms that we use allow us to sell, starting from an amount of 300 Euro.

  • Art, Antiques and collector’s items
  • Books / magazines
  • Electronics, Computers, Mobiles, Consoles and Videogames
  • Photo / Video
  • Music on CDs and vinyl records
  • Movies on VHS and DVD
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • Watches / Jewellery
  • Clothes (new with ticket on)
  • Cars and Motorbikes (with classified listings only)
  • Property Sale / Rent (with classified listings only)

Of course, we can sell all items similar to those that you can already see on sale in our shop.

We don’t accept items of dubious origin and it is because of this that we reserve the right to review the original purchase invoice.


Your expenses are crystal clear

  • Amount calculated from final sale price 20-25%, according to the type of item that includes:
    – list of the product on eBay (fix price or bid)
    – image in the gallery
    – description / text
    – shipping fees, packaging and handling
    – eBay fees for the listing
    – eBay fees on the final price
    – payment fees according to the payment method used by the customer

Our rates will be applied only in case of successfully sale.

The amounts may vary depending on the kind of objects, the number or value of the items / lots to be sold.

In the case of a single / irregular sale, the item must be in our possession before publishing the listings to guarantee that it can be sent to possible buyers.

In the case of repetitive or long term operations, such as operations with large items (cars, motorbikes, etc.) it is possible to arrange the sale without the items having to be brought to us.

Would you prefer to do it yourself but computers are not your hobby?

  • We can teach you to buy/sell and open up an eBay shop on Internet.
  • We can teach you to use PayPal (Online Payment System).
  • We can teach you to use Skype (Online Telephone and online videoconferencing)

Private classes only, maximum two people. It’s also possible to arrange for classes through Skype (videoconferencing) for users that do not live in my area and that are already acquainted with the use of Skype.

Call us to make an appointment without obligation. For more information contact me.

(*) Service only for resident customers in the Marina Alta district and surrounding (Alicante  / Valencia – Spain).  Only items from a value of 300 Euro and up.

eBay trading assistants are experienced users that can help you to sell your items on eBay.
They operate as independent sellers, and are not employees, agents, representatives or associates of eBay.